10 More Wellness Ideas

Crystal Leochko

Posted on August 13 2020

10 More Wellness Ideas

Our busy days can seem like a lot to take on. Many don't think they have the time to relax and engage in a self-care routine, but with a little planning, it can be made a possibility! This is part two of wellness activities that can be integrated into busy schedules. Take a few minutes to think of ways to add these self-care tips into your schedule, and see the benefits of a more relaxed, productive you! 

5 Minute Wellness Activities: 

1. Dance like Crazy for 5 Minutes

Dance like no one is watching

Sometimes we need a fun workout that gets our body moving. Blast some music and dance any stress away for 5 minutes, and if you want to do it for more time, even better. Dance is a form of exercise that has been proclaimed to improve mood and mental health. This one is my favourite and I really do it all the time! 

2. Try a 5-minute meditation (nature related or guided). 

Hours and days can go by in a blur with all the work, school, and commitments we have in our life. Mindfulness helps to clear your mind and focus just on the present. You can start your morning with this five-minute mindfulness practice or do it before bedtime. 

3. 5 Minutes of stretching

If you’ve been sitting at your desk for a while, this wellness technique is for you! Stretching helps keep your muscles flexible and healthy, making you less susceptible to joint injuries. Take a moment to do some light arm and leg stretches without overexerting yourself.

10 Minute Wellness Activities: 

4. A Mini Spa Session

Wellness and self-care

 You may not have the time to go to the spa and that’s okay! Put on some relaxing background music, and take time to unwind with these amazing Bloomiss products. If you are looking to enjoy At-Home Spa Sessions, we recommend the Collection Set:  A Perfect Night In.

5. Put on a face mask

Face Masks are a wonderful self-care technique. After a day of work, pamper your skin and give yourself time to relax while the mask carries out its invigorating effects. You can check out some DIY suggestions for masks in our blog post here.  We also recommend a Bloomiss favourite:  Charcoal Purifying Masque for its cleansing effect.

6. Call someone you love.

Many times we feel overloaded with work and calling our family and friends doesn’t become a priority. It just takes a quick phone call with someone you love to put a smile on your face. Try to put a reminder on your phone to call someone you love, once a day or even once a week.

20 Minutes or More Wellness Activities:

7. Read a chapter of a book.

Reading provides a wonderful escape from our busy schedules. Find a novel that you are interested in and set aside some time to read; reading instead of spending time on your phone before bedtime may even help you get a better night’s sleep.

8. Watch an episode of your favourite show.

Wellness Ideas

It might feel a bit unproductive to watch your favourite show, but it’s okay to indulge in an episode or two, especially when you start feeling like you are falling into an overwhelming productivity trap.

9. Paint, draw or engage in an artistic activity. 

Many people find this activity therapeutic and calming so give it a try! It’s not a requirement to be especially talented in the arts. Just engaging in these artistic activities for fun can be rewarding.

10. Take on only what you can handle.

So many requests and commitments come up, if you feel yourself getting exhausted after saying yes to all the extra events, you're not alone! Take a moment before saying yes and check if adding this extra commitment to your schedule will drain you. Free up some of your time to relax, which will reduce your chance of burnout.

Self Care and wellness

It's important to give yourself the same love, care, and attention you give others because it’s only when you're at your best that you can reach your full potential. 

If you are looking for Bloomiss’s natural cosmetics to be part of your routine, feel free to ask us any questions, we would love to help!


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