Three Drinks for Healthy Skin

Crystal Leochko

Posted on January 25 2021

three drinks for glowing healthy skin. Skincare tips

Beautiful skin starts from the inside out. When our bodies are dehydrated it shows in our skin. Dry skin leads to tight, dull, and flaky skin, and is prone to causing wrinkles.

Here are three drinks to not only hydrate your skin, but to give it a super boost of vitamins and antioxidants. 

1. Water with Apple Cider Vinegar 

Apple Cider Vinegar works to detox your body from the inside out. It can balance PH levels in your skin, unclogging pores, balancing oils, and restoring moisture. It is anti-bacterial which prevents breakouts, blemishes, and acne. 

Pro Tip: Drink 1-3 teaspoons with a glass of water before each meal. Bonus - It's amazing for digestion! 

Water with Apple cider vinegar for glowing skin

2. Green Tea with Lemon 

Green Tea has so many benefits, I am not sure where to start. For me, one of the most important things that it does is, it fights cancers by repairing DNA. It also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which reduces redness, puffiness, and impurities in your skin. It hydrates your skin, unclogs pores with the lemon, and slows down the aging process. 

Drink 2-3 cups daily 

 green tea benefits for healthy skin

3. Smoothies

We need to feed our skin healthy nourishing foods if we want it to look healthy. When you start your day with a smoothie packed full of goodness, it not only feeds your brain and body, but it nourishes your skin too. There are so many super foods you can blend together that we don't want to give you just one recipe. Some of the yummy skin foods to include are flax seeds, spinach, kale, blueberries, raspberries, hemp hearts, papaya, and mango. 

Tip - Skip blending with dairy and use almond, coconut or oat milk to reduce inflammation. 

glowing skin starts with what you feed it

Start with these three drinks everyday, added with a good skincare routine, and you will notice a difference in your skin. Need to switch up your skincare routine, start with some of these favourites

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Share with us your yummiest smoothie recipe via email bloom @, and we will be sharing it on our social media. Please include a picture of you drinking or making it! :-)

Our favourite ones, (we are going to try them all), and will be featured in an upcoming blog. 



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