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Crystal Leochko

Posted on February 01 2021

The power of lipstick. Clean natural makeup.

When asked the question, “What is the one makeup product you can’t live without?”, many of us will find ourselves replying: LIPSTICK! 

Running out the door to work, but too busy to do an entire makeup routine? Put on some… Lipstick.

Heading out to a fancy dinner, looking for the perfect accessory to pull that outfit together? Lipstick. 

At a work zoom conference and need a boost of confidence? That’s right: Lipstick! 

The hype around lipstick makes sense too, because many of us have seen the benefits of wearing the lip product that suits us perfectly. When we say lipstick, we are talking about lip gloss too. No matter your preference, nude or bright, matte or glossy, a touch of lip colour will enhance your confidence, mood, and attitude. 

The popularity with lipstick isn’t exactly recent. Glancing back a few decades shows us some eye-opening statistics regarding the use of lipstick.

Interestingly, in past times of economic crisis, one being the Great Depression, red lipstick was one of the few items that increased in sales. 

Why? It’s because when times became tough, lipstick was a small luxury that gave individuals the uplifting boost of confidence to push through that challenging period. It was an affordable self-care item that lifted their mood and made them feel good. 

Here are 6 more cool benefits of wearing lipstick: 

Hydrated, Moisturized Lips!

The harsh winter winds and summer heat can attack our lips leaving them dry and thirsty. All our lip products from the lip wands, lip gloss, and tinted lip balms all contain hydrating properties so that you can pull off a vibrant shade while keeping your lips supple and healthy. 

A Beautiful Smile! 

Using the ideal shade for you, will give you the dazzling smile you are looking for. Shades with a blue base (most of the Bloomiss colours) will help to minimize the appearance of yellow-tinted teeth all due to the magic of the colour wheel.

lipstick to boost your smile

Brings out the Colour in your Eyes. 

The cool thing about lipstick is that it doesn’t just make our lips look great, but it also does a wonderful job of elevating the appearance of our eyes. Lipstick will increase the vibrancy of eye colour and will help your eyes to look brighter and sparkle more. 

Boost of Confidence

It’s a given, adding a touch of lip colour to enhance our natural beauty makes us feel more confident and stronger. When we feel and look our best, it gives us the boost we need to take on any challenge. That psychological boost is exactly what we need during difficult times (as seen through the rise in sales during the 1930s economic crash). Feel more confident for your next presentation, date, conference or zoom meeting with a burst of lip colour.  

Quick Application- making it less of a hassle!

Lipstick is the tool that helps put the outfit together in a flash, even when you are short on time. When you are in a rush, just know that a coat of lipstick may be all you need to achieve the glam look you are going for. Keep a lip wand or gloss in your purse and desk so that you can get the photo-ready look in just a minute. 


At Bloomiss, we know that an important part of beauty products is ensuring that they are safe and healthy for our bodies. That’s why our lip products are all toxin, dye, and paraben free. We never test on animals and our products are Leaping Bunny Certified.

Crimson Red Lip Gloss and  Red Lipstick

If you need help selecting the right shade for you, feel free to reach out to us. We would love to help! Click here to see all our lip products

Happy Smiling! 

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