Aromatherapy and Sleep. How to wake up feeling refreshed.

Crystal Leochko

Posted on May 16 2019

Aromatherapy and Sleep. How to wake up feeling refreshed.

We have a common question that customers ask us for whether it’s at an event or a message online. “Do you have anything that can help me relax and sleep!"

As we get older our sleep patterns change, added with stress and hormones getting a restful night of sleep seems impossible. It takes us longer to fall asleep, stay asleep and fall into a deep sleep where we feel rested and rejuvenated in the morning.

Bloomiss Aromatherapy

The good news is, there are some natural ways to help you sleep without taking medications. Through our nervous system, scents have a direct impact on our emotions and body. A scent can trigger a reaction in us and lasts long after the scent is gone. This is why aromatherapy, a holistic practice that uses the oils extracted from plants, can help bring our bodies back into balance. Aromatherapy has been used to help treat a wide range of conditions from burns, depression, high blood pressure, infections and to help promote overall mental wellness.

There are numerous oils that can help you sleep or maybe you need a combination of them.

Lavender is the most popular oil for relaxing and sleep so of course, it’s at the top of our list. It relaxes the nervous system, lowers heart rates and blood pressure and studies have shown it can have the same effect on a person as when taking anti-anxiety medications. It has a lot of soothing properties that calm our bodies down from stress, anxiety, and insomnia. There are many studies that show how lavender helps give you better quality sleep when used before bed.

Bloomiss Aromatherapy for Sleep

Chamomile oil acts like a sedative that helps with restlessness and sleeplessness, slowing down the mind and body. It provides a sense of calm with the beautiful floral aroma.

Clary Sage is known as the oil for women. It helps balance hormones bringing back relief when dealing with night sweats or insomnia. It can help alleviate stress, anxiety and hormone imbalances which disrupt the quality of our sleep.

Bergamot If you love citrus you will love bergamot. Bergamot is extracted from bergamot oranges and has a beautiful citrus scent. Many studies have shown how bergamot improves moods, stimulates blood flow has relieved symptoms of anxiety. It provides relaxation to the body and clears the mind to help you sleep.

Bloomiss Aromatherapy Bergamot

Ylang Ylang promotes calming when you smell the aroma giving you immediate feelings of relaxation. It helps you fall asleep faster and get a more restful sleep while reducing nervousness.

Cedarwood Earthy woody scent relaxes and calms the body. It acts as a natural sedative helping stimulate the production of serotonin to help you beat insomnia.

So to answer our customer's question...Yes...we do have something to help you sleep. We have put together all these amazingly calming sleep aid oils in one special blend called Chill Out Aromatherapy.

Chill Out Aromatherapy Bloomiss

For the best benefits for sleep, we suggest rolling it on the bottoms of our feet before bed and gently massaging in. Then roll on your wrists and take 3 deep belly breaths in.

If you are ready to get a night of restful sleep and want to try Chill Out Aromatherapy now you can save 20% using promo code: SLEEP

Sweet Dreams. 


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