Welcome to the Bloom Blog

Crystal Leochko

Posted on October 13 2016

Welcome to the Bloom Blog

Welcome to the Bloom Blog!  Let's here you say that 3 times fast! :-)

Welcome, Welcome once again...this is our first post so just a little note on some of the things we will be posting about here at The Bloom Blog. 

I had this project 'Bloomiss' in the works for many years and have been playing around with different concepts on what and how I wanted the end result to be. This past year I have put the majority of my time into making and creating some of the products we have at Bloomiss as well as products that will be launched in the very near future. Studying different combinations and the benefits of one ingredient over the other has been a huge part of the fun. We learn more and more everyday the benefits of all natural and organic products and how they can either help or harm our bodies.  At Bloomiss our promise to you is to only use the highest quality ingredients - organic when available and 100% natural when that is the only option. We will be transparent as to what is in the products and the benefits of each on your skin and body.

That is one part of what we want Bloomiss to be. Bloomiss has been created to be a resource for women for inspiration, ideas, DIY's, recipes and anything that helps you live a better life in full Bloom! Our goal is to give you ah ha's and oh cool's on a daily basis on our instragram and facebook pages and in the future pinterest.  We would love for you to share your ideas with our Bloomiss friends so we can all learn and inspire one another. 

If you have a fun DIY project, a favourite healthy recipe, an inspirational message, or a healthy living tip please send us a message to bloom@bloomiss.com and we will add to our social media and website. 

Thank you for joining the Bloomiss community. 

Always life life in full Bloom! 

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