Mascara Hacks from a Girl with Short Lashes

Crystal Leochko

Posted on March 15 2021

Mascara Hacks, tips, and tricks from a girl short lashes! Natural long lashes

For some crazy reason, it always seems to be the boys that get the long lashes. Growing up, I recall, all the comments that my brother would get over his long lashes. Not sure how that is fair, but here we are.

Trying to achieve just a little of his length and fullness with my lashes has always been a struggle.

The crazy thing is…when I don’t have mascara on, I get asked if I am tired, or feeling ok! Ahhh, so mascara is a must before I leave the house, or in todays world, before I jump on a zoom call.

I have tried every mascara out there and have attempted all the tips and tricks to get them looking like they have some volume and length.

Today, I am sharing with you, the best tips I have found, for getting the most beautiful lashes.

  1. First, let’s start with getting our lashes healthy.

There are a lot of lash growth serums out there, but before you try, take a look at the ingredients. So many of the ones I have seen, have ingredients that will cause more havoc on your lashes than helping them. Here’s a basic hack; try a little olive oil on them before you go to bed. There are more things we could add to this…and a little secret…Bloomiss may have one coming out in the near future, but for right now, start with olive oil.

  1. Curl your lashes.

Start at the root and curl 2-3 times as you move up the lash to create depth. Always, always, curl your lashes before putting on mascara! If you try and curl after, the mascara would have hardened your lashes, and the curler will break or cut them! 

how to apply mascara

  1. Heat your curler!

Heat up your lash curler with your blow dryer for a minute before curling. Check the temperature before putting it near your face. This will give you a better curl. (It’s my favourite trick)

4. Stop Pumping the Wand!

I used to be so guilty of this one. I always thought it was putting more product on the brush to give me fuller lashes! In fact, the only thing it is doing is giving me clumpy spidery lashes! So STOP pumping the wand. It will also bring more air and bacteria into the bottle causing the product to go off faster. If you are near the end of your tube of mascara, try gently winding and twirling it around the edges to get the last little bits.

clean natural mascara to give you long think lashes

  1. Wiggle Wiggle!

Want more volume? Use the mascara wand vertically and wiggle! Wiggling that mascara wand at the base of your lashes is a classic technique to apply the product, but when you use the wand vertically, you get to the roots of the top lashes. Use the windshield wiper motion along the root of the lashes while the wand is held up and down. 

     6. Need more volume!

Apply a little translucent powder (with a eye shadow brush) before starting. Instant volume! I also add some powder in-between coats as well.

angle your brush when applying mascara

  1. No more smudges!

I always get smudges on the top of my eye lashes! Clever little mascara trick; grab a business card and hold it up as you apply your mascara! Voila!

  1. Choose your mascara carefully.

Check the label and make sure it has nourishing ingredients for your lashes, that are not stripping them of their natural oils and drying them out. Stay away from any mascara that has toxins, parabens, and dyes! Of course, we have to recommend our own Blooming Lashes Mascara. We worked on the formula so it would give you length, volume, and no clumping or smudging! Try it out, it’s available in black or brown! Click here to grab yours.

Blooming Lashes Mascara - paraben free

So with these tips and tricks, you will be ready to bat you eyes in your zoom meetings and let your eyes sparkle! 

There are so many other mascara hacks, tips and tricks that we would love to invite you to share with us. Please pop over to our facebook page and share them with us!

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