Tension? Stress? How to deal with it naturally.

Crystal Leochko

Posted on May 16 2018

Tension? Stress? How to deal with it naturally.

It’s 2018, we all have tension and stress no matter what we have going on in our lives. Whether it’s at work, at home with the kids or just trying to juggle everything we are all constantly under pressure. We get tense shoulders, headaches and our body telling us, to slow down and take time for ourselves, but we never seem to listen. We like to think of the aches and pains as no more than just a passing complaint and we just get back to the grind. If only pushing ourselves was the way back to living stress-free. This tension can make our daily lives not just challenging but miserable. Whenever we feel like we cannot take the pain any longer, we go straight in taking medications pushing off the pain, not listening to our bodies screaming at us, telling us to take care of ourselves. The aspirin may relieve you temporarily from that pain but it will not last. In fact, it will only worsen, compounding the not only physical symptoms but keep our mind full of things swimming around causing us more stress, tension and eventually illness.

Bloomiss Reduce Stress Naturally

With being a type A personality always go go go, what next and how fast can I go, I didn’t realize that this was why my shoulders were up to my ears with tension, the constant headaches that were excruciating, and my body not responding how I wanted it to any longer.

Here are healthy natural ways I have figured out to deal with stress and tension. When you release all those tensions and stressors from your life, it is best to do it naturally for a long-term solution.

There are so many benefits that I have seen in my life since starting to do yoga. Just one class can reduce stress and anxiety, help clear your mind and release the tightness in your muscles. Can you imagine what happens when you start practicing it regularly? Not only does it help our tight muscles but the power that it has in clearing your thoughts and all the stuff filling up space in your head, preventing you from doing what you need to do to move ahead is incredible. Make time for it and watch what happens, it will change your life, this is truly what I have experienced.

With just 5-30 minutes of meditation, you can recharge your mind and release built up pressure. Give yourself a time of silence and just focus on breathing and being in the present moment. By giving yourself that peace, even a small amount of just 5 minutes you will have better brain function, better sleep, find it easier to concentrate and be able to keep your stress at bay.

Bloomiss meditation to reduce stress

Through walking, you are giving yourself a chance to be alone with just your thoughts and work through your worries. By taking as little as a 15-minute walking break, you are releasing the endorphins into your brain, which is what you need for your mood to be improved and your body to loosen up those tense muscles. Walking will increase your blood circulation and increase your energy levels helping you deal with stress in a positive way.

Over the years, massage has been used to relieve people from stress. With massage, our tense muscles can be relaxed, our pain can reduce and our circulation can be improved. All of these will contribute to doing wonders in our mind, which will then help us release all those tensions that bring us pain and headaches.

The use of aromatherapy has played a big role in my life for dealing with stress and releasing tension. So much so that I have incorporated many of the formulas I use daily into the products developed for Bloomiss. Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that improves our physical well-being with natural plant essential oils. Aromatherapy has endless benefits to our health helping relieve depression, anxiety, stress along with helping you sleep better, gives you energy, focus, takes away headaches, eases sore muscles, increase circulation and so much more. We have products dedicated to helping you ease stress in the Bloomiss line which is what I use for headaches, tension, achy muscle, and when I need balance. For the products that we have developed to help you deal with your mood, stress, help with sleep and tension you can go to Bloomiss Aromatherapy. If you need help know which products will help you please send us a message.

Bloomiss Aromatherapy, essential oils, essential oil roller balls, natural stress relief

Tension and stress is something that we need to pay attention to. Let us stop brushing it away as if it will go away on its own. We need to do something about it. We need not rely on medicines to that for us as the solution they provide is just fleeting. There are plenty of natural ways that we can relieve ourselves from that pain. All we need to do is give ourselves time to do it and try to see what works best for us in releasing those tensions.

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