Tips for Healthy Winter Hands

Crystal Leochko

Posted on January 08 2019

Tips for Healthy Winter Hands

If the cold weather sneaks up and attacks your hands...take a look at our 6 tips on how you can keep your hands in top condition.

Bloomiss Dry Hands Bloom Butter Rescue

The cold wintery weather is here! We all know what that does to our skin, especially our hands during the next few cold windy months. Then we add work and dishes and our hands looked like we are 125 years in no time.

When the weather is cold the humidity drops in the air and it is very hard for our skin to hold on to any moisture. Our hands get dry, cracked, irritated and even bleed which becomes very uncomfortable. Everything we do in winter seems to make our skin get drier and drier. Not only the conditions outside dry our skin, but then the indoor heat drains the moisture, our cozy fireplace, a warm shower…all these things are constantly stripping away the natural moisture and oils in our skin leaving us looking like a reptile.

Dry Hands - Skincare Bloomiss Natural Skincare, Hand Therapy

Not to worry…One of our favourite things…People with Dry Hands!

Why you ask?

Well, that’s easy! We have a solution!

Keep your hands healthy all winter long. No more cracked, dry, red, irritated and bleeding hands for our friends!

Our Bloom Butter is a best seller at this time of year as it repairs and heals your dry, damaged and cracked hands (feet too)

How it works…formulated with three nourishing rich 100% natural ingredients that are blended together to create a butter that is hydrating and healing for skin in the worst conditions.

The numerous benefits of mango butter, shea butter, and apricot seed oil work to repair skin immediately. Let’s take a quick look as to why these ingredients will keep your hands soft and smooth this winter.

Mango Butter is cold pressed from the seed of a mango. It is rich in antioxidants and emollients leaving your skin very soft. With a high level of vitamins A, C, and E to help give your skin the nutrients, it needs to fight the cold weather. Vitamin C is made to heal and repair skin and deeply moisturizing it, leaving your skin hydrated.

Mango Butter nourishes dry skin and hands - Hand Cream, Natural Hand Therapy

Shea Butter is extracted from the shea nut and one of the more popular ingredients used in natural skincare. It is rich in vitamins and fatty acids making it perfect to help our dry hands. It has ant-inflammatory properties to soothe your red irritated hands when the dry air hits. It deeply penetrates your skin leaving it silky smooth as it absorbs in a few minutes.

Shea Butter in our Bloom Butter, Bloomiss Hand Butter, Dry Skin, Bloomiss Skincare

Apricot Oil is pressed from the apricot kernel. It is light in texture and odourless making it a wonderful oil to use on skin. High in vitamin A and is deeply hydrating and nourishing to our skin. It absorbs easily into the skin, feeding it the nutrients your skin needs to keep your hands soft and healthy. Its quick absorption helps heal chapped, dry skin quickly.

Apricot Seed Oil for Dry Skin in Bloomiss Bloom Butter, Dry Skin formula, dry hands

This winter protect your hands with our 6 tips to keep them looking healthy and soft.

1. Gloves – When you go outside always wear a pair of gloves to protect your skin from the cold elements while locking in your skins natural moisture.

2. It is also important to put on rubber gloves when washing dishes and doing housework. Cleaners and hot water make it hard for your hands to stay healthy.

3. Avoid the hot air dryers in public restrooms.

4. Don’t use hand sanitizers with alcohol.

5. Put a hand therapy treatment on at night.

6. Moisturize…Moisturize…Moisturize is the most important thing to do this winter for your hands. Use a rich cream like Bloom Butter to keep your hands hydrated.

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Follow these tips and you will be shaking hands and waving hello without the embarrassment of hands that look aged beyond your years!

Want soft beautiful hands this winter?
Try our Bloom Balm for only $15 a tin!

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