Castor Oil

Crystal Leochko

Posted on January 13 2021

Castor Oil benefits in skincare

Castor Oil has many benefits however we are going to highlight only the amazing things it can do for our skin.

It is one of the best ingredients we can use on our skin as it promotes hydration with being rich in antioxidants. It is a light colour oil that is thick pressed from castor seeds. It’s packed full of omega 6 & 9, vitamin E, and proteins, which is why it’s been long used in skincare products.

Prevents signs of aging of fine lines and wrinkles as it absorbs into the skin helping promote collagen and soften the skin.

It’s known to clear up and help acne with i’s anti-bacterial properties. It helps balance and restore the skins oils naturally.

PS: It is amazing to help eye lashes grow, thicker, longer, and stronger. hhhmmm maybe a new product launching soon! 

Here are the products that Bloomiss uses Castor Oil in their skincare:

Blooming Lip Gloss

Glowing Radiance Masque

Tinted Lip Butters

Foot Butter

Aromatherapy Rollers 

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