Lavender Essential Oil

Crystal Leochko

Posted on January 06 2021

Organic Lavender Essential Oil - Aromatherapy

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils as we love it for both for its comforting smell and amazing benefits! ⁠

Lavender helps promote a calm body and mind, which helps when suffering with stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. It calms our nervous system down enough to dramatically improve sleep quality.
But the benefits don't stop there: 
Lavender essential oil can also be used to alleviate tension in our muscles, making it a powerful ingredient in our aromatherapy blends.
Lavender oil also contains antioxidants and an element called Linalol that leave your skin relaxed, healthy and nourished. 
Helping heal wounds and regenerate cells to make our skin look radiant are just more reasons why lavender oil is an ingredient used in so many products.
Here's where you can find Lavender in our Bloomiss Products. 
PS - We only use USDA certified organic lavender essential oil in our beauty and aromatherapy products. 

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