A Little Bundle of Gloss

A Little Bundle of Gloss for Blooming Hopes Fertility

One in six couples are struggling with infertility, it’s your sister, neighbour, colleague, or best friend.

Our hope is that together we can raise $10,000 and create awareness around fertility while helping women financially with treatments they need to have a child.  

We are excited to launch a campaign to raise $10,000 for Blooming Hopes Fertility Program. We have put together a bundle of our 100% natural gloss & balms at the special price of $39.00 and will be donating $5 from each bundle to the Blooming Hopes Program. 
Crystal Leochko the founder of Bloomiss has battled with infertility for many years, which prompted her to create a program to help other women struggling. Leochko stated “While going through my own fertility journey, watching so many women not being able to afford treatments or knowing what services were available to them, I wanted to be able to find a way to help and relieve some of the financial pressure as well as have a place they can turn for resources all in one place.” Our mission with Blooming Hopes is to provide resources women may need including traditional medicine, naturopath doctors, acupuncture, fertility yoga and more along with helping financially with these costly treatments.
We would love you to join us in helping raise $10,000 while receiving a beautiful bundle of our natural gloss for a special price. Our little bundles are the perfect gift, so stock up while helping women have the baby of their dreams.

2000 “Little Bundles” will raise $10,000 for The Blooming Hopes Program

The feeling of helping women have the opportunity to have a baby they couldn’t otherwise have is very emotional. We all know someone who has suffered miscarriages, loss or struggling to get pregnant. Many women suffer in silence ashamed as they see having a child as a natural thing. One in six couples are dealing with infertility; it’s your sister, neighbour, colleague, or best friend.

Together let’s help change this number with A Little Bundle of Gloss! 

You can order A Little Bundle of Gloss here and don't forget they make amazing gifts! :-)  

Blooming Lip Gloss Bundle