Summer Beauty Hacks

Crystal Leochko

Posted on July 20 2020

8 summer beauty hacks

We often think of summer as the season when our skin glows and our hair forms perfect beach waves. Well, that may be true for some, but it's not always the case. The summer heat can cause all sorts of beauty problems when all we are trying to do is enjoy the beautiful weather. 

We have put together some of our favourite summer beauty tricks and hacks to help you make the most of your summer. 

  1. A little too much sun? 

Aloe Vera Cooling

No problem! You know how much we love Aloe Vera at Bloomiss. Here's our favourite tip. A good way to soothe your burn is to freeze aloe vera gel in ice trays and apply it on the affected area. This hydrates your parched skin, rejuvenates it with much needed moisturizing agents and leaves you with a cool feeling to soothe the pain. 

  1. Perfect your manicure

 With COVID many of us have had to do our manicures at home. However, the heat can cause several air bubbles to form in your nail polish. A great way to get rid of them is by cooling the nail polish in the fridge for a bit. This will thicken the polish’s consistency allowing for an easier application as well as a brighter colour. 

  1. Leave the towels behind! 

T-shirt to dry your hair

After showering, we tend to wrap our damp hair with a towel. However, this can actually make our hair frizzier as the fibres found in towels seep into our hair follicles and damage them. A better alternative is wrapping your hair in a t-shirt. The cotton from the t-shirt is much more delicate on your hair and leaves it with a healthy shine after drying. 

  1. Avoid skin irritations or rashes 

Body Butter

As we spend more hours swimming and outdoor activities in the heat, it is common to have skin irritation due to a variety of factors. Summer-time also means that shaving becomes a common part of our routine. The rashes and skin irritation we get from these activities can be easily treated. We recommend Bloom Butter, one of our favourites at Bloomiss! This body butter is gentle, nourishing and packed with vitamins to relieve your skin of irritation. Plus, it will leave your skin silky smooth, and who doesn't want silky smooth skin right? 

  1. Your hair deserves to glow 

Apple Cider Vinegar to bring back the shine in your hair

You may notice that your hair isn't looking as shiny and healthy and that is probably due to the sun, salt, or chemicals from the pool. Not to worry, we have an easy, natural solution for this! Pour apple cider vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz onto your hair, leave on for 10-15 minutes and then rinse. You will have beautiful shiny hair back in no time. 

  1. A long day in the heat? Take a cold shower!

After a long day in the heat, you will most likely be exhausted and your pores will be filled with dirt and oil. What better way to end the day than with a nice cold shower. Contrary to your usual steaming hot shower, taking a cold shower will not only cool you off but also provide you with numerous health benefits. The cold water leaves your skin and hair with a natural glow, reduces soreness, helps with blood circulation, and calms irritated skin.

  1. Say no, to sweat stains

Summer Beauty Hacks

There is nothing worse than ruining your favourite white t-shirt with a stubborn sweat stain. A popular hack for removing this sweat stain is squeezing lemon juice onto it and allowing it to soak. Once the shirt is still a little damp, put it in the washing machine, and your shirt will be as good as new!

  1. Cool off spritz


Balance Mist

Pre-COVID we would be at a lot of markets in the summer, and one of the common complaints I would hear from passing-by ladies is the exhausting heat! I would offer them a try of our spray-on Balance Mist. The feedback was always positive, with comments like "so cooling and refreshing!", and ten minutes later, they would come back to purchase a bottle for themselves. It also helps when your feet are puffy from the heat. Try it, it really works! 

With all these summer ideas, you can be sure to have a great summer and not be limited to the struggles of the heat! Be sure to have fun and get lots of vitamin D!

With a Smile, 



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