Top 20 Clean Beauty Products of 2020!

Crystal Leochko

Posted on December 31 2020

Top 20 Clean Beauty Products of 2020

Here are the Top 20 Clean Beauty products from Bloomiss for 2020!

#20 Crimson Kisses
This was one of the most requested bundles to be gift wrapped this holiday season! I know I would have loved this set under the tree! Check all the goodies here.

#19 SPF Sun Set
We added some SPF for face and lips this summer! The face stick is not greasy and applies really easy under makeup! The lip balms, well, they are delicious in Eucalyptus Mint and Watermelon! Don't forget to put SPF face in the winter too! Grab yours here!

#18 Glowing Radiance Masque
We have been asked for a long time to add another masque. With our skin needing some extra love this year we added a turmeric masque full of good antioxidants and vitamins for your skin. Try it now here.

#17 Hand Therapy Balm
Well this one was a no brainer! Our hands have been so dry with all the sanitizer and extra washing this year. Hand Therapy is packed full of goodness to restore them back to health. Treat your hands here.

Hand Cream for dry hands

#16 Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser
Yes yes! Another new product for 2020! A face cleanser so you have a complete skincare routine that is made with clean ingredients and will give you a glowing complexion! Try it today.

Charcoal Cleanser

#15 Natural Tinted Lip Balm
Our Tinted Lip Balms are your go-to for a beautiful shade + hydrated, healthy lips 👄! ⁠ ⁠ Formulated with 🍃 natural ingredients such as organic coconut oil and cocoa butter to keep your lips soft, and moisturized.⁠ Pick up one today here

naturally tinted lip balm

#14 Foot Butter
Restore moisture to severely dry, cracked heels and feet! Dry...Cracked Feet...Be Gone! Your feet deserve it, click here.

Foot butter for dry cracked feet

#13 Jingle all the way
Jingle ALL THE WAY butter that will heal and repair your dry hands, with the sweet smell of the holidays. The aroma of cherry, vanilla, cinnamon and orange will have your hands smelling so delicious. Only available from November until we sell out for the holiday season. 

#12 Charcoal Masque
At home spa pampering nights were big this year! Our Charcoal Masque to cleanse your pores and detox your skin was a huge hit. Activated Charcoal Exfoliates and Brightens, Giving you Glowing Skin! Treat yourself NOW!

#11 Bloom Butter - Enchanted Breeze 
A body butter that melts into your skin, leaving your skin soft and hydrated 🤩. Add this refreshing 🍃 lemongrass scented balm to your skincare routine. ⁠You deserve it. Shop now.

#10 Armour Blue
Protect your skin from the harmful blue light rays from your electronics with our special defense formula. Being exposed to too much Blue Light rays from our laptop, phones, tablets can create free-radicals, which in turn will break down our collagen causing our skin to not look healthy and age faster. Try it now.

#9 Juicy Lip Balm
We switched up the formula on our lip balm and added some yumminess with our Juicy Raspberry lip balm. here for yours.

 #8 Self Care Kit
In March when the pandemic hit we put this Self Care Kit together and it has been a big hit ever since for anyone needing to send a care package to someone they care about or when they need to give themselves a little TLC. Send someone a special package here.

 #7 Lip Colour Wand
Another new product that we added in 2020 that was a huge hit! Hydrating, Moisturizing, and Bold Colour! The top 3 shades were Merlot, Sorbet Delight, and Rosette! Stand out on your next video call here.

 #6 Blossom Rejuvenating Elixir
Our skin has been in need of TLC this year with being in front of screens, not as many facials, and wearing our masks. The answer was Blossom Elixir to restore and revive your skin. Treat yourself now.

 #5 Magnetic Blooming Gloss
We introduced some new shades of gloss this year, and wow MAGNETIC was a hit! It gives you a natural shine with just a hint of colour and sparkle. Light up your next video meeting here.

Magnetic Lip Gloss

 #4 Chill Out Aromatherapy
Chill Out is a special blend of essential oils to help you calm down, relax, ease anxiety, and a sleep booster. Chill Out helps you do this by applying in select locations on your body. Get the sleep you need here.

#3 Blooming Eye Gel
Number 3 is our Blooming Eye Gel! No shocker here, we all have had bags under our eyes and sleepless nights this past year. We needed something to help us take away the dark circles and puffiness so we were ready for our zoom calls! Get your bright eyes here.

 #2 Blooming Lashes Mascara
Our #2 Product of 2020 was Mascara and it was a close runner up! All the amazing reviews and feedback have been so wonderful! I was so so so nervous to launch it and WOW! We even had to add a new shade (brown) right before the holidays as the requests kept coming in. Thank you! If you haven't tried it, click here to get yours. 

 #1 The Tension Stick 
The #1 Product of the year was The Tension Stick! It's not surprising considering the year we have had. We all had extra stress this year, our necks and backs suffered giving us more headaches and pain. It was amazing to see how many people are turning to natural remedy's for their health. Grab it now here.




This year has been a crazy one to say the least!



I wanted to send you all an extra special Thank you for all your love and support during this time!



I have learned so many things this year, met so many amazing friends, and conquered so many things I would have never dreamed possible during a pandemic. 



I did this all because of YOU! 



Thank you and the Warmest Wishes for 2021!



With a Smile, 





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