Brain Booster

Prime your Brain for Success!

$20.00 CAD

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What do you do when you just can’t get focused?

Or when you’re under a deadline but just can’t get that task done?

Are there times when you have so many things to do but find yourself just continuing to scroll through Facebook?

There’s a solution, don’t worry!

We have developed a way to prime your brain and get it ready for what you need to get done. Not only have we created the ultimate aromatherapy blend to kick start your brain, but we’ve also teamed up with Karen Baring who has helped thousands of women take their businesses to the next level. As a business mentor and mastermind facilitator, Karen has created a community that propels women forward. She knows what it takes to succeed and how important focus is for entrepreneurs, and how difficult it can be to find sometimes!

This partnership is the perfect blend of powerhouse Karen Baring’s Busiwomen and Bloomiss quality, care and passion for empowering our customers. When high-quality essential oils are inhaled, or placed on the skin, it can create many wonderful benefits for your mind and body. Once the smell enters your nasal cavity, it meets up with over 50,000,000 receptor neurons. These receptors concert the presence of a smell into a message that is then passed onto other areas of the brain. Those areas control emotions, behaviour and basic thought processes. Some distant memories, for instance from childhood, can only be recalled by smell which underscores the importance and significance of smell for our mental life and well-being.

We have carefully customized our Brain Boost to bring together the aromas that are known to be the most beneficial to your brain for alertness, clarity, awareness, and balance. The best part is that we’ve placed them in an easy roll-on bottle, so you can get the benefits of a Brain Boost anywhere you carry it!