Just Breathe

Just Breathe

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I am so excited to share this collaboration with you all and introduce you to my friend Monica from GlamJulz. She is truly an inspiration as she does so many amazing things to help empower, motivate, and help all women around her. 

There is no better feeling in the world than when we get a compliment. It lifts us up and builds are confidence, with just a few kind words. Monica's mission is to design and create the most gorgeous jewelry that is affordable, but will still always get you those compliments! 

We have teamed up together to put a really special bundle together for you. So many of us have trouble relaxing, we feel anxious, and we can't sleep.

Life is just so hectic and busy, we want you to take a minute and JUST BREATHE! 

Just Breathe

That is why we have paired our best selling aromatherapy, Chill Out with a custom-designed necklace by GlamJulz.

A lovely feminine necklace with a gorgeous white lava stone. The lava stone is porous and absorbs the oil so you can breathe in the aroma to relax you all day, as it sits right under your nose! 

A sweet little rose quartz stone is added to the necklace for love and deep inner healing, along with a Swarovski Crystal for just a touch of sparkle.

Why Just Breathe?

One of the best things you can do for your health is deep breathing throughout the day.
That is why we want to remind you to Just Breathe!
Take a few moments each day to practice some deep belly breathing and you will experience all the amazing benefits.
Benefits of deep breathing…
-          Natural Painkiller
-          Increases Energy
-          Detoxifies the Body
-          Improves Digestion
-          Reduces Inflammation
-          Improves Blood Flow
-          Simulates Lymphatic System

Love, healing hugs and a reminder to Just Breathe! 

XOXO - Crystal