Good-bye Plastic Hello Glass

Crystal Leochko

Posted on January 11 2021

Switching to glass bottles and jars for our clean natural skincare line.

We are excited to have launched a new initiative at Bloomiss for our skincare products to switch from plastic pumps to glass jars.

We have been working on moving to glass packaging for some time as the feedback from the majority of you has been to switch over. It has been a slow process as we were searching for the perfect bottles and jars. We had our eye on some beautiful Bloomiss teal jars and then COVID hit!  When the world shut down, we didn’t know what to do. Seeing the amazing support from everyone that was shopping local and giving small business support, we decided that it was crucial to buy our packaging close to home, even if that meant they were not as pretty.

Thank you for buying local Canada

Here are the reasons why we are switching to glass packaging for our skincare line.

  1. Glass can be recycled and reused

When we started, we chose the plastic pump bottles as we wanted ease - for you, the customer. We always wanted to be more eco-friendly and using plastic bottles was toying with what was important to us. We love the fact that glass can be 100% recyclable and that we are doing our small part in helping the environment.

Recycled beauty product jars

  1. They could break

We were also worried about the jars breaking when we shipped them to you. We decided a little extra bubble wrap would do the trick.

Then came a little nervousness, with the thought of the jars accidently dropping on the bathroom floor. We surveyed a lot of you and believe the benefits of the glass jar will outweigh the number of times this will happen.

  1. Jars VS Pumps

We know you love the ease of the pumps, but after looking at all the responses, you would much rather be able to use every last drop of the product.

Glass jars will eliminate the frustration of the pumps jamming up and not working properly.

  1. Products are 100% safe

With our focus being on eliminating toxins from women’s daily routines, this was not aligning with our mission. We can say with 100% certainty, that no toxins will be able to leak into our glass jars.

      5. Bring it back program

Glass can be recycled, as well as sterilized and reused. We are in the planning process of developing a "Bring it back program", hoping to launch this as soon as we have all the skincare line switched over to glass. Stay tuned for this. 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our new products like the Armour Blue face cream and our Glowing Radiance Masque were introduced already in the glass jars.

We have also just introduced our best-selling retinol night cream Blooming Regeneration Cream in the new glass jars.

Retinol Cream made in Canada

More products will be making the change in the next few months.

We hope you like the change just as much as we do. As always if you have any suggestions or comments please don't hesitate to reach out. 

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